Opening video

The opening video of my project is key, it’s the context for my story and a method of immersing the spectator into the world of Otaku. This is the script i’ve written so far for the opening video. The next step is working out how I will use visual images to support my writing. My reasons for writing each sentence is written in blue.

Black = The script
Blue = My reasoning behind it
Pink = How I intend to support this visually

Otaku. An anime and manga obsessive who invests all of their time and money into their hobby. – It’s key to start off with a definition when working with an exotic subject matter, the majority of people won’t know what Otaku means. They should however be farmilliar with Anime and Manga, however this may be presumptuous of me, so I will have to use images to provide context as well. – Visually I want the word Otaku to be implanted into peoples minds. Whenever I say Otaku it will be supported with a bold typing of “Otaku”. The definition will be supported with images of Otaku’s rooms, to visually help the viewer see what kind of level of obsession I am talking about.

Taichi Takashita, the man who tried to marry anime character, Mikuru Asahina. OTAKU!
The 1000 people who signed his petition to legalise human and 2D character marriage. OTAKU!
Tsutomu Miyazaki, the man who killed and then mutilated the corpses of 4 young girls in Tokyo. OTAKU! – The purpose of these examples is to put images of what the media depicts as Otaku’s into the spectators mind, put negative images into their head to I can contradict them. – Again I will use the word Otaku on screen whenever I say it, I will also use media used images of each person.

But this isn’t the whole story. What about the millions of self proclaimed Otaku’s online? Are they the childish, psychologically disturbed obsessives we see on TV and in the media? – Starting to turn it on it’s head question this representation. – I have thought about this already and produced an image of 100’s of online Otaku’s avatars from

‘Moe’ is the term Otaku’s use to describe the comfort their obsession brings them. It’s also the title my series of photofilms that intimately explores the lives and experiences of Otaku’s from every continent, and offers them a chance to tell their side of the story, un-judged. – Introducing the project to people, without giving too much away. – Much like with otaku is will bring Moe up on screen in bold font to reinforce this new word, and help establish it as part of my brand.

Choose an Otaku (with links to different Otaku’s stories) – Allowing the viewer to interact with the series, and also experience some context before seeing the stories.

Today’s mission, do some research on successful project intro videos and have a first draft of the video by the end of the day.


Obviously each individual is going to have specific questions, but I want to have a core set running through all the interviews so there is some consistency and a measuring system in place of how different each one is. I will ask all the questions but I might not necessarily use them all, it’s just out of personal interest and a way of allowing the interviewee to open up and feel relaxed. So here are my bread and butter questions.

Digging deeper into their relationship with characters…

-Could you talk me through your first interaction with Japanese culture, if you can remember it.
-What is it about anime or manga that draws you in?
-Which anime/manga do you love and why…
-Could you talk to us about some of your figurines, whats the story behind them?
-Do you feel a connection/ emotionally attached with any of your figurines?
-How much money have you have spent on creating your Otaku Sanctuary?
-Does the majority of attention go into this hobby?
-I want to talk about the idea of the Sanctuary now, my bedroom is very much my place, I come to watch anime and read manga, I rarely do it anywhere else. Do you see your room in the same way or does your interaction with anime go beyond the four walls?

-Would you say your obsession is healthy?
– What do you personally gain from putting this much time and attention into collecting figures and watching anime?
– One thing I think people don’t understand is the difference between Hentai and Anime, the posters on your wall are “panty shots” could you describe why you chose to put these particular posters on your wall?

*For Jonezy specifically*
– In one of your comments on you said you have a OCD when it comes to organising your room, do you feel that this part of you is drawn to the idea of perfection within Anime?


-What’s the fan base like where you are from?
-Do you attend any conventions? If so do you go alone or have friends to go with?
-How important is the Online Otaku community for you?


-Have you ever experienced prejudice as an Otaku?
-Why do you think “outsiders” can’t grasp the idea of Otaku?
-Does is ever upset you that you can’t be 100% open with people about the area you love so much?
-Can you describe the feeling you get when you meet another Otaku who likes similar anime randomly?

– Could you explain your life outside of your Otaku Sanctuary? What do you do day to day?
– Do you have friends or family who aren’t aware of your love for Anime?
(If so) Why do you keep it from them?


My project is at the point now where I need to start making the videos, and to do this I have got 3 interviews lined up over the next 2 days. These are the people I will be interviewing, and some interesting points I think of when seeing their images.


What first struck me about Wing’s rom is the organisation and care put into it, In the top image the figurines are colour coded according to the wall art, reds on the left, green in the middle and blue on the right. This is obviously a place wing treasures and puts a lot of time and effort into.


Whilst Mims room may not be as structurally designed around her figurines she shure does have a lot of them. From *Chibi’s to exact replicas.

*Chibi – Chibi is a negative word for a short person in Japanese, however in the world of anime chibi describes something small and cute. For example in the image above these characters look different in the anime, these figures are chibi versions, small and cute, almost baby-like. Consisting mainly of female characters it would be interesting why Mim has chosen to do this.


Jonezy’s room might not be as full or overbearing as other Otaku’s room but let me assure you his passion is there.

It’s time to start thinking up some questions, somr which I will ask all participants and then more specific ones.

Defining ‘Moe’

For the last time I am going to redefine my project, I finally have a doable project, and haven’t had to compromise on the scale of it.
This project aims to tell the story of some of the most interesting hobbyists in the world, Otakus. “Otaku” is a Japanese word that is given to someone who is obsessed, in this case with anime and manga. The aim of my project is to produce a transmedia photofilm which uses images of Otaku’s sanctuaries, most commonly their bedrooms which are smothered in anime merchandise, from all over the world. This is paired with intimate interviews with each individual, providing an insiders outlook onto a culture that is often pre-judged and patronised. The project title is “Moe” [mo-e] which is a term that originated in the early “Otaku” scene, it describes the comfort and warmth felt between a “geek” and their obsession, a non-sexual but very strong relationship between a fictional world and reality.

My (not so Otaku) room

I took some images before of my sanctuary, in order to let others into my private space so that they would in turn let me into theirs. I decided to post it on so that people who I have spoken to about doing this project with can see that I myself am a fan.

I’ve called it my not so Otaku room because it’s nothing compared to most of the fans on this site. I also included a link to the project ‘Moe’ so people can get involved with it