THE BEST OF: Kakashi Hatake

I have to admit this post is purely selfish… Kakashi is my one and only anime crush, so finding the best cosplays of him gives me nothing but joy. These fans give the perfect Kakashi- the understated hero with an element of Peter Pan’s boyish nature.

Check out all the cosplayers here:
firecasterx2 (Jo) (UK)
key0fdestiny13 (US)
YASU (South Korea)
kingrock (Taiwan)
kurosakikage (Taiwan)

& photographers here:

Naruto x Fashion

Every once in a while you come across a very special blog – this is one of them! Let me introduce all you Naruto nuts out there to Naruto x Fashion – a hybrid of high fashion and pop culture. As a fan of Naruto I love how not only has an appropriate outfit been chosen using colours and styles but also how the body language and facial expressions are a perfect match, these images have undoubtedly been made by a fan who knows each characters personality.

These images are just the tip of the iceberg, check out Naruto x Fashion for more characters and their runway looks.

lets play…

so part of my escape as well as anime is tea. tea solves everything in my eyes. so what better object to start with then my naruto mug…

i decided to scan it, because i love experimenting with my scanner, so heres just a few scans playing with movement and the laser.

all these images were created via rolling my mug over the scanner as the lazer moved. Simple to create but each entirely unique.

presenting … sensei

I finally finished my anime and manga magazine. and just in time too. I am really happy with the results but I think for what it is it doesn’t appear that I have put much effort in time wise. But considering I created it all on photoshop with no templates it did take a long long time. I’ve had some people ask if i’ve used manga studio, no i haven’t and not having a drawing tablet was also a set back especially when drawing the front cover eyes. I think it’s important to note that this is not meant to be a mass produced magazine. choloqueal language is used and lack of advertisements was done on purpose. I don’t like reading magazines about hobbies and obsessions which are influenced by money and don’t give insight to any small items. Hence the unconventional layout which mimics a comic or manga and the lack of page numbers. So really this magazine is just me taking my geeky-ness out on pages. And addressing it to people like me who love anime and manga so much but don’t get to talk about it much. I never intended to be able sell this magazine, thats  not what it’s about, it would be a free online magazine which people would be able to contribute to. Anyway this is the final as a PDF, enjoy…

CAUTION: this link is a download link, PDF was too slow so this is the only way i can do it. sorry.