It seems everyone wants to escape

Now that I have chosen a subject area, it is popping up everywhere.

In the latest Issue of Neo magazine (101), Director, Shinya Tsukamoto talks about how people acuse him of being sick and twisted because of his gore filled films, but he explains the stories don’t relate to his life, and he thinks that movies are a way we escape reality. It seems this subject area is a lot bigger than I thought, I will definitely have to narrow it down, but not yet, I will continue finding examples over the summer and see where it leads me.

NEO Magazine

NEO is a UK based Asian Pop Culture Magazine, focusing on Anime, Asian Film, Manga and Games. It is released monthly and is highly influential in the UK Anime and Manga scene.

” NEO has been riding the wave of Asian animation since 2004, bringing the freshest anime, manga and Asian film titles to UK audiences and spreading the good word about Japanese, Korean and Chinese entertainment.
In every issue of the mag, you’ll find features, previews, reviews and guides for the latest anime, manga, Asian movies and games, all written by our team of expert journalists from the UK, the US and Japan. Alongside this exciting line-up you’ll also find profiles on the hottest names in the Asian music world, exlusive interviews and more.
Because we’re an independent publication, NEO’s unbiased editorial means that you’ll always get our honest and informed opinions so you know what DVDs, CDs and books are worth spending your money on. So if we think something’s fantastic, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. And if we think something’s bad, we’ll tell it like it is.
NEO: the only magazine to Asian pop culture that you’ll ever need!” Taken From Neo Magaine Online


NEO has been recently renovated, a more sophisticated, professional layout has been created, perhaps because of the success of the magazine.

Here are some examples of past issues…

The New NEO magazines are more contained, clean cut and Simple.

This new layout is something I would want to take forward into my magazine, I want it to appear to be a a specialist magazine, glorifying Anime and Manga as Art. Much like these Art and Fashion magazines…
















comparing an old anime to the new remake

describing and advertising new anime
looking at old manga “blast from the past”
Review of Manga anthology
another explanation and review of new anime
songs in the titles, i think this is important to have, in Japan these would be easy to find as they are well known artists but England needs a magazine which can tell people japanese culture they can’t find for themselves.
Another comparison between old and new


Posters are always a key part of a a magazine, this one has 4 pages of posters, It makes the audience feel involved with the magazine and for an interest such as Anime and Manga, the target audience are young or obsessed with the topics, posters would be used. Perhaps I could feature some posters on digital art  as well or have a whole section on it.


Cosplay is a massive part of Anime and Manga culture. People become the characters they obsess over. In NEO viewers send in their own images, but this will be hard in the time frame so I will have to use found images, take some myself or perhaps give a tutorial , and where to buy section.

Also fashion is a big part, Harajuku, Lolita and Kawaii are Japanese  styles which are current in every anime. NEO has a where to buy in Japan, but as a UK magazine I think a where to buy in the UK would be more appropriate.

Other Accessories and Toys are shown, online shops and the collect and geekiest models, t-shirts and cards around.

This would no where near be able to happen in my magazine. One of the journalists travels to Japan documenting their experience. I could however ask around and gain other people experiences or just leave this section out, depending on time.

Showing new artists work and interviews

How to draw manga

Viewers send in letters


One thing i really love about NEO is the attention to detail, each page is written in Japanese and in English. I would say that for Anime which in the UK is mainly watched online there is not much reference to social networking or new technologies. So this is something I would like to include. Also the new design works well on the cover but the inside is very clinical and staged, I think that the pages should be more creative and unique, like time has been spent on them. Perhaps doodles and personal hand written comments should be included. Maybe the pages could be like a Manga book, small sections and the text written in speech bubble with colloquial language.