Pinhole Day: My Digital Pinhole

Today is worldwide pinhole day, I have attempted pinhole photography before, but only ever in film, as much as I loved the process it took too long and was to stressful for something which is meant to be fun and different. So this time I decided to make a Digital Pinhole camera, without spending any money.

I used my Nikon D40x, cardboard, foil, a pin, scissors and electrical tape.

I cut out a piece of cardboard that would just cover the lens mount, this would be my lens, I then cut a square out from the middle of this lens.

to make it light proof i covered it in black electrical tape. I then cut a small piece of foil which covered the square hole, taped it over and pierced a hole in the centre with the pin. next I used electrical tape to fasten it to the camera, insuring there were no gaps.

I then set my camera to manual and began shooting.

How to make a pinhole.

After hours of searching and getting many different methods i found an easy to follow guide of how to make a pinhole.

So making my pinhole…

1) Finding an appropriate body
This Twinings tin seems right for my camera body. the metal is bound to be light proof and the casing is black. it will also produce nice sized images, polaroid-like.

2) Make it lightproof inside and out
*Black paint*Black Electrical Tape*

3) Make Pinhole

4) Make shutter. a flap to control the amount of time light is let in. Must be light proof

Add some decorations or whatever you want, and then you have a camera, simple and free.