Issue 3 is Due for release in December 2012, for the mean time take a look at the cover & don’t forget to submit your work by 20th october.

Image by Beethy –┬áhttp://beethy.deviantart.com/


Here’s a list of features and comps you can apply too…


“Photography Influenced by Art”

Art has influenced photography since its birth,
and although some people regard them as two
completely different mediums, we don’t. That’s why we
want to see your work that is influenced by art, or that
uses the techniques of a specific art movement.

“Toy Camera”

It is our belief that it doesn’t matter how much money
you have or how much your equipment cost you,
a talented photographer can produce interesting and
thought provoking images with even the cheapest of
cameras. So this is our challenge to you, using your toy
camera produce an image/aseries of images which prove
money can’t buy talent.

For anyone who isn’t sure toy cameras are simple
inexpensive film cameras, such as Holga or Lomo.



We love a good narrative at #PHOTOGRAPHY, for the
issue 3 competition we want you to take a line from your
favourite book and interpret it in an image/short series of
images. Submit your finished image to us along with the
quote it was based on and we’ll choose a winner 20th
October ­čÖé

It seems everyone wants to escape

Now that I have chosen a subject area, it is popping up everywhere.

In the latest Issue of Neo magazine (101), Director, Shinya Tsukamoto talks about how people acuse him of being sick and twisted because of his gore filled films, but he explains the stories don’t relate to his life, and he thinks that movies are a way we escape reality. It seems this subject area is a lot bigger than I thought, I will┬ádefinitely┬áhave to narrow it down, but not yet, I will continue finding examples over the summer and see where it leads me.