Noritoshi Hirakawa – The reason of life

Japanese photographer Noritoshi Hirakawa says this about his series ‘The reason of life’…

This is the view of what men dream of but can never be at the point to see. Many men have a lot of desire to see the underwear beneath a woman’s skirt. At the same time, many women think about having their underwear looked at by men. This desire is never spoke of in public. The woman is photographed by the artist at the same moment as the woman photographs herself. The camera can be a very good excuse to connect men’s and women’s desires.


The idea of the “Panty shot” is a common one in Otaku culture, films like Love exposure play on this “sin” and almost any 15 or over anime features at least one panty shot. One which the self-proclaimed Otaku artist Mr. also explores

Art by Mr.