Magid Salmi – Alternate Reality

Alternate reality was an exhibition held in 2011 at Spacetaker ARC Gallery in Houston, Texas. It was a solo exhibition that displayed the work of American Photographer Magid Salmi.

The Spacetaker website describes the work of Magid Salmi and how it comments on modern society in a unique way.

Spacetaker is excited to host Alternate Reality, a solo exhibition by Houston artist Magid Salmi, as part of its ARC Exhibition Series. Salmi’suniquely constructed still life photographs feature the use of common household and perishable items to create an alternate reality which investigates the notion that what we consider strange and shocking at this point in time may become the standard of things to come.

It is within this process that he describes and encapsulates our society’s obsession with consumerism, and how prevalent technological progress has become in our daily lives. “My photographs suggest that ideas, concepts, and truths are only as pertinent as the time in which they exist,” states Salmi. Taking a humorous approach to many of his works, Salmiencourages the audience to discover their own individual connections and interpretations to the images.

On Magid Salmi’s website the series is called iTECH this name along with the consistent use of white makes a direct reference to the iconic and global brand, Apple. The browning of the bulb reminds us that these items are perishable and makes me think about how temporary modern society is, within a year or so this garlic phone will have lost it’s initial integrity and end up in the bin, much like our latest technology will be in a year. It is hard to know if this is the meaning Magid Salmi meant to convey because he provides no description to his work, and is keen to let the viewer create their own relationship with the image and the idea behind it.

It’s important to me that my work contains some sort of social commentary, but I also want to find a connection with my audience by utilizing and transforming items that everyone might be familiar with.

-Magid Salmi

Salmi’s representation of our society through an alternate reality reaffirms my idea that a photo can be constructed to become a reality in it’s own right. A portal into a non existant world, and in this case the portals purpose is meant to make us reflect on our own relationship with technology.

Just a thought

I’ve always wondered why I prefer to take cosplay photos rather than cosplay myself. I am an observer, that’s why. I would rather be a spectator, watching someone transform their physical appearance and their personality, than do it myself. Like a bird watcher, i step back and embrace whats happening around me, without disturbing or manipulating the situation My transformation comes from immersing myself in someone else’s story. I am an observer…

I Never use my own images to escape my own reality, I use my subjects story and escape into their fantasy.

With the Diamond

So I wanted to do some closer up shots, so i went infront of the projector, so it was projector, diamond then me, and i photographed the light dispersion on the paper the diamond was on. These are the most visually appealing images and it was easier to focus on the shapes.

(All images are saved in low quality for the web, so not best representation)

This was an imade i took with 3 different lights…

Blue Light

Strong White Light

Projector Standby Light

The Standby light is the nicest, this will be the lighting technique i take forward, rather then a green tinge it has a blue one.