My project is at the point now where I need to start making the videos, and to do this I have got 3 interviews lined up over the next 2 days. These are the people I will be interviewing, and some interesting points I think of when seeing their images.


What first struck me about Wing’s rom is the organisation and care put into it, In the top image the figurines are colour coded according to the wall art, reds on the left, green in the middle and blue on the right. This is obviously a place wing treasures and puts a lot of time and effort into.


Whilst Mims room may not be as structurally designed around her figurines she shure does have a lot of them. From *Chibi’s to exact replicas.

*Chibi – Chibi is a negative word for a short person in Japanese, however in the world of anime chibi describes something small and cute. For example in the image above these characters look different in the anime, these figures are chibi versions, small and cute, almost baby-like. Consisting mainly of female characters it would be interesting why Mim has chosen to do this.


Jonezy’s room might not be as full or overbearing as other Otaku’s room but let me assure you his passion is there.

It’s time to start thinking up some questions, somr which I will ask all participants and then more specific ones.

Thinking about the future

My intent was to create a short photofilm on 5/6 Otaku’s however this limits my project, what do I do after this? I definitely want this project to be continuous because it really interests me, so I have decided to base each film on one individual this way the project can grow and develop, eventually I will end up with a collective of short films that I might be able to make into one long documentary, however that is thinking far ahead in the future. I think it will also help to depict them in a positive way, it means I can offer time and attention to each individual and not clump them together as some people have very different interests and reason for their interests.

The project will now be a series.

I have created a vimeo channel specifically for this project –

My (not so Otaku) room

I took some images before of my sanctuary, in order to let others into my private space so that they would in turn let me into theirs. I decided to post it on so that people who I have spoken to about doing this project with can see that I myself am a fan.

I’ve called it my not so Otaku room because it’s nothing compared to most of the fans on this site. I also included a link to the project ‘Moe’ so people can get involved with it


Approaching Otaku’s

After getting little response from my online posts about ‘Moe’ I have decided to take a different approach, and to look for some Otaku’s and contact them directly instead of letting the come to me.

I have contacted a few more sites like to see if I can get my project proposal publicised. I’ve noticed a lot of people post pictures of their rooms up on deviantART the problem I’m facing is no one is form the UK.

by ~OvermanXAN Philippines

bMastershambler US

by DrunkenAnt US

by Ishtarl-Demonic-Fox Australia

After looking through 200 photos on deviantART I have discovered none of them are from england. These are good references for doing this project abroad whilst I travel over the years, but I need to find someone in the UK. I cannot be discouraged, I know there are Otaku’s in the UK I just need to find them.

Danny Choo (THE blogger about otaku culture) blogged about the world most stylish Otaku Room. Danny Choo get’s a lot of his inseration from they have a whole room section of their blog, might be worth looking through them to see if anyone from the UK has applied.

I failed to find any UK participants but I did find this…

Are you a Nendoroid or scaled figurines collector as well? Come join us @ because we are one as well! Join the community to interact with lots of other collectors and share release news as well! Cya there!

I have requested to joining the FB group and hopefully will find someone on their who will want to participate.

In my quest for an Otaku sanctuary I have found some on, and contacted them about the project. Hopefully at least one will want to get involved.

These are some pictures the people I have contacted posted…

Photographing my sanctuary

I realised it’s unfair of me to go into someone else’s personal space and photograph it without offering mine first, like in many of our phonar workshops we’ve learnt if you can’t tell your own story people won’t trust you to tell theirs. For a lot of fans their bedroom is their sanctuary, it’s where they interact with the media they love and it’s a private space in which on one can judge you. Here is a few images I’ve taken today, I lost the natural light pretty quickly so will shoot some more tomorrow.

Obviously the way I portray my sanctuary is not how I intend to photograph my final project, these images even use colours which resemble me, so the other images will be influenced by the subjects personality. They will also feature the subjet within in them so will have quite a different, more personal atmosphere.

Babydoll ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Wednesday ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
HK ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Creative Commons License
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Accessing Sanctuaries

I’ve seen a lot of fans posting pictures about their surroundings recently. It made me think about my project, I know I am following a fan for the day but what am I going to take photos of. I think this concept is quite an interesting one, the space without the person. It becomes quite surreal and makes you form a preconceived image of what they would look like.

Fandom Corner 2.0
by ~Jailboticus


To me my bedroom is one of the only places I interact with Anime, it’s quite a personal relationship between a fan and their text. I get really defensive when in public and questioned about my obsession, because I am used to being prejudged. That’s not to say I keep it a secret but I rarely interact with any text other then when I’m in my bedroom. It’s just hit be how big it is to ask a fan to let me into their sanctuary. I could honour this by creating an image within the series called ‘Sanctuary’ which mimics these bedroom style shoots but in a more professional way.

Maybe one way that I can put myself in my future subjects shoes is to publicise my sanctuary. How can I expect them to lay theres out for scrutiny when I can’t do the same? This will be my next step. Laying out my life as a fan online.

These images also made me think about  JeongMee Yoon’s project which comments on the relationship between colour and gender. Although this project has the subjects in the frame they are immersed in their own things, some look lost and overwhelmed whereas others are proud.

You can see the rest of the project here…


Day 8: Poster and Opening night of the mobility project

Unfortunately all the gallery work I spoke about in the previous post was something I couldn’t take part in, I was ill for the main day of setting up so sent a friend in my place. I am really gutted that I missed such a great opportunity to meet the artists and get involved in the debates they had about arranging the work.

However yesterday I was continuing working with artist and curator Elly Clarke, helping her set up the Mobility project exhibition in The Meter Room in Coventry. It was the official launch in the evening so there was lots to do. Me and Genea were asked to get the posters printed for the sandwich board. The Gallery is hard to find so this was important. Elly wasn’t bothered about quality, she just needed poster asap. It was stressful for me and Genea, we had a few hours to print the posters and get them to the meter room in time. We first went to printing bureau in coventry university, only to find out they don’t do same day printing, so we had to look else where, we tried printing them at the uni because we have free printing credits, the colours were a bit off, the blacks weren’t the right tone. We then went to 2 printing shops and they quoted us £20 per A3 print, Elly needed 4 and was on a tight budget, so after a phone call with Elly we decided to just use the library print outs. I know this doesn’t sound to time consuming or hectic, but walking from place to place took us 3 hours and the stress of being under pressure makes simple tasks harder. I learnt from this that if you need posters or any advertisement it should probably be done in advance, you can always print on the day but that may mean you have to compromise on quality.

This was one of the posters Elly wanted printed

The second part of today was the actual gallery opening. It was exciting after all this time setting up to finally be open. I was in charge of documenting this and taking photos for the night. I have done this before with Elly at the Trove Gallery in Birmingham, so i learnt rom last time to try and capture every moment you can, because this will never happen again. Here are some of the photos i took from the night. (I cant upload all of them because there are too many)

I met lots of great people, and figured out a camera is the great way to break the ice at gallery viewings, once you have taken someones photo they are either put off and walk away or open up to you.