Fish Bowl Gallery Open

I’ve been posting about the making of mine and some friends Photogfraphy Gallery in second life, and it finally opens today.

Visit us ….

and follow us on twitter…!/FishBowlGallery

🙂 enjoy, and let us know what you think

Second Life, Building

So this week in second life we were looking at building, we used the coventry university sandbox, which is a public space in which you can build, because usually you have to pay for everything you build. Our task was to make a photo stand and put a self portrait which we had to take onto it. This is the video we were given which shows how to build effectively…

and this is my Avatar next to my photo and stand.

It looks a bit pathetic next to the snowman but considering it’s the first thing i’ve made i think it came out nicely.

Second Life

I’ve been doing second life now for 2 weeks and have decided to keep a diary every time i go online and show what i learn. We’ve just been getting used to the interface at the moment, setting up accounts, using the destination finder. Here are some screen prints from second life.

In yesterdays lesson we had to use the destination guide in groups to teleport to exotic areas and take a photo. Here are some of our groups photos.

Genea Bailey, Alex Nisbet, and Me

Me relaxing in China

Helen, Genea, Me and Alex posing under water

My character is called daisywarejarrett, I set my account up before the first class and would love to change my name so i have a different allias but this might not be possible. I will have to play around, I would also love for my Avatar to look more like me, I will have a play around now and post a new picture.