Star Trek by Bryan Pedrazzoli

I LOVE location cosplay, I briefly looked at how much impact the right landscape can have on an image and take cosplay photography to the next level in my post on ‘The Wild Places‘; Bryan Pedrazzoli has done the same with his Star Trek series, taking his subjects into an open rocky desert in America to mimic the ‘unknown planet’ style of the TV series, which often used landscapes like this.

One day I will capitalise on the rich landscapes in England and produce location shoots in order to push myself and the world of cosplay photography out of it’s convention centre boundaries, but for now work like Bryan Pedrazzoli’s will continue to inspire me.

Cosplay by: Jessica Lynn Gonzalez and Jim Logan.

Jades shoot

So the day started out amazing, Martina found 2 four leaf clovers on her way to meet us. Or this is what we thought. We had our first trial when, 3 shots in to Jades shoot the battery pack ran out, the only thing we could do was go and swap it, but it came in a pack with the lights. So me and Jade went to swap the lights and Rasma and Martina protected the equipment. After this things started to go well, gor Jades shoot I knew she planned on heavily editing, creating a Kaleidoscope out of sections of images. So we didn’t worry too much about composition, but more about creating beautifully lit areas.

Jade is keen to edit this piece herself, she has a clear idea of what she wants to achieve so I’ve offered by help but she seems to know what she’s doing. So here are some of the original images. I will out the edited one up when she sends it to me.

©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

I am pleased with the images, I hope Jade is. I cannot wait to see what she does with them, it’s very exciting.