How smoking affects the body – the exterior body

skin is very delicate and important and we spend hundreds and thousands over our life trying to stay looking young, in a culture obsessed with body modifications and staying youthful forever, it’s surprising smoking is still on the rise. Long term smoking can cause so much damage to the skin, here are some examples…

images taken from here.

* The constant contraction of muscles around the mouth creates these fine wrinckles aorund the mouth and eyes.

In 1985 the term smokers face was coined by Dr. Douglas Model. It’s a term which combines all the affects of cigarettes on the skin. These include, greying of the skin, boney contours and wrinkles.

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton is a fashion photographer, who through his use of sophisticated lighting and love of his job changed fashion photography. Some of his image featured cigarettes, they are represented as a sexual, high class activity. The thing that fascinates me about his photos is that a lot of photographs can conjure certain senses, but with his work you assume the cigarettes to be odourless, which of course isn’t true. but they seem almost perfumed. Probably from the beautiful women and expensive clothes, but either way his work depict smoking through rose tinted glasses.

the fact that all the women are half naked, creates the link between sex and smoking, making smoking attractive to men, and creating the sensation of pleasure for women.

David Yellen – smoking = Power & Success

I’ve been looking at David Yellens book ‘Too Fast For Love” as part of our #FromTheLibrary sessions at uni. And I came across these Images from his commercial work…

 I fell in love with this Image the moment I saw it. Michael.K.Williams face is distorted, not only by the fade to black background which was probably achieved by a high light box  on the left. But also by the smoke. it’s a beautiful composition and works well in black and white because of the range of tones. Smoking is related in power in this image. People will associate smoking with Williams, a successful Actor.

They with probably do the same with this image of Rick Ross. An almost design based picture in which the smoke creates beautiful lines and curves. It fascinates me how something so deadly can be depicted in a way that makes it seem stunning. Corresponding with Ross’s Hoody it suggest style and art.

smoking history: when it became “cool”

What a better way to start the project by looking at representations of people smoking in the media…

If there is one thing I know from media representations of smoking, is thats its shown as being sexy, it isn’t an area i really want to explore but is such a massive part of smoking in images i thought i would look at it…

ever since Hollywoods breakthrough, and modern iconic role models were formed from actors, smoking became associated with the beautiful and the famous, this is probably how smoking became “cool”. It almost became beautiful, people saw marilyn monroe smoking and assumed if they did the same they might be like her.

i’ve come up with an idea…

for the ‘document a meeting task’ i am focusing on smoking and what happens when cigarettes meet lips, reactions and stuff. I wanted to do it documentary style because it is my weakness, but i don’t like shooting people without their permission, so i buy a pack of cigarettes, and keep them in my bag, along with my great granddads old film camera. And i offer a deal. If i give you a cigarette can i take a picture of you smoking it. seems like a good idea to me. this plan start tonight.

Ian MacEachern

I’ve never come across his work before, but whilst researching social documentary images with cigarettes i came across these images. The use of cigarettes in Ian MacEachern’s work is so frequent that as i clicked through his gallery it became odd not to see them. His work features cigarettes as the much norm thing to so.

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I think with a lot of his work the closeness is lost, in nearly all the images the person has lowered there cigarette, they are stopping what they are doing perhaps because they are aware their image i being taken. Perhaps smoking is such an intimate personal moment, you don’t want to share it with strangers. Saying this in all smoking areas in clubs become like social frenzy’s, probably from the alcohol, but the fact everyone shares a common ground makes them seem more approachable, maybe only to other smokers. This could be another aspect to look at, when smokers meet eachother.

Nan Goldin

I’ve never really “into” social documentary photography, so the best place to start is what i know, Nan Goldin…

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I remembered a few of her images had Cigarettes in but i didn’t realise how many. As a woman who surrounds herself by smokers Goldins work often shows them as a release, a moment of peace, happiness and stillness. A relationship, as a non smoker, i never really considered could happen. This could be a possible way forward… looking at human emotions when cigarettes meet lips. An idea i want to come back to, i don’t want to narrow my ideas down too soon.