Digital Play: YouTube Gameplay

SO my next development idea was to photograph online gameplay from youtube, hundreds of people film themselves playing games in screen and upload it. I started with Halo because i knew it would produce nice shots form my last shoot.

Halo Reach Gameplay

I Used this video for these images…

These images were taken on full brightness. average about 2.5 of a second

I then realised I control the brightness of my laptop, so i put the brightness right down, and changed the shutter speed to around 10 seconds. The Images came out totally different, the colours aren’t as bright and the action isn’t strong but they make beautiful compositions.

I then started to think about other games with great graphics, Batman spray to mind, I carried on with the low brightness 10 second shutter speed technique.

Batman Arkham City gameplay

I used this video for these photos…

Low brightness, long shutter speed.

I was really happy with these images but I anted to try some shorter shutter speeds and higher brightness on my laptop images, I only really got 1 good image from doing this.

I think this new technique works better in darker games like Batman, but games like Halo that use colour and light the shorter shutter speed is definitely more complimentary. I’m starting to think i’m ready to take my finals, and capturing gameplay from youtube is definitely the way forward.

Tokyo Mew Mew

These need to be seriously edited down, from this series, Naruto series and kore wa zombie desu ka series i need to choose 10 images that will be my finals. This is going to be hard.

I took so many for Tokyo Mew Mew because the colours are so vibrant and exciting.










help would be appreciated, any opinions on which ones work and which don’t.

David Baldwin

what stuck me as different in David Baldwins work compared to other night photographers I have looked at is that he uses such levels of exposure that if you didn’t look carefully at the images you would not be able to tell they were taken at night. You can tell there is something erie about them and then you realise, these were taken at night.