Phonar: Spoken Narrative

This weeks task has taken me a while to complete. Not because I’m reluctant to tell a personal story but because I couldn’t think of anything. In the end I started thinking about what stories I can’t remember but wish I could. This was the one I most wanted to tell…

I wish I could remember the first time I read J.M. Barrie’s ‘Peter and Wendy’, but I was too young, so instead of recalling a story I will tell you how I imagine it would have been…

It was 1993, and I was barely a year old. My mum had come home from a day at the curtain shop with a brand new book. The book didn’t look the same as it does now, back then it was in pristine condition with that addictive musty new book smell, whereas today it’s falling apart, a bundle of frail pages hanging onto the spine by a thread, or as I like to call it, loved. Like every night my mum tucked me into bed, gave me a kiss on the forehead and began to read me a story, but this story was different from all the others. It was a story set in a magical world that was located just out of my reach, in the stars that I lay beneath. Pirates, Mermaids and Fairies occupied this place, as did the idea of never growing up. I dreamt of being lost in this world and living like a child forever. Little did I know, this story would shape the rest of my life, and no matter how many birthdays I had, a part of me would always remain a child.

I might only be able to make assumptions about my first encounter with the book, but every time since then I’ve felt at home whilst reading it. It’s strange to think an object can feel like home, it’s something I can’t explain, I just feel it. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have read the book, I would guess at least 15, but the magical thing about my relationship with this story is just like Peter it never gets old.

I still long to get lost in Neverland.

Here is a soundcloud version of me telling my story, however I’m not very happy with my delivery, even though I felt as though I was putting emotion into what I was saying it sounds like I have no connection to this piece of writing. So I will try rerecording it until I get it right.

A Transmedia Story – HD Magaine

On researching examples of Transmedia projects I came across this article by HD Magazines Simon Wakelin.

Transmedia is a hard thing to wrap your head round, and is made even worse when people who write about it do so in jargon. However this article gave one example of a Transmedia project I can understand without straining my brain too much… Pokemon.

Transmedia is used today as a way to advertise product in a splintered digital world, but it actually goes back to a concept used by Nintendo to market a new product on its hands.
It was the mid ‘90s, and the company was already content with a strong foothold in the video game market with Donkey Kong and the Mario / Super Mario series.
Nintendo’s next move was to bring out Pokemon. Initially a “monster collecting role-playing game” for its Nintendo DS system, Pokemon quickly became a media franchise of epic proportions with merchandise that stretched across different platforms such as anime comic books, video games, TV shows and Pokemon’s ever-popular trading cards. All these experiences motivated ever more consumption from bona fide fans.

It’s true that the Pokmeon franchise has evolved and broadened itself since it’s original release, and is a great early example of Transmedia and how to utilise all media platforms to reach a wider target audience and satisfy the role of the active consumer.

It then goes on to talk about ‘The Wilderness down’ a project I had come across before in lectures but had completely forgotten about until now. It’s a collaboration between Google, Arcade fire and advertising companies which allows the user to see a personalised video. Have a try and see what you think…

What’s interesting is that I experience example of Transmedia projects every day and never realise it. I’m also starting to really come to terms with this as a future way of practicing. As a photographer it would be stupid to not utilise the versatility of the subject area and tap into the key audiences through multiple platforms, however saying this, being across all platforms at all times is not only impossible for one person to do but also might run the risk of over exposing your work. The next step is to figure out which platforms are right for me as an individual depending on my audience’s.

Phonar Task 0 – Pre Task

Tell the story of your journey to school

So this is our first Phonar task, and the first photography task I have been set in a long time, so I’m going to cut no corners, I have been waiting all summer to sink my teeth into a task.

Like all assignments I want to start by breaking down the sentence, so I don’t skip any essential aspects and start spiralling off into something completely different as I have done in the past.

Tell the story – One thing I am really bad at in my work is telling stories, I tend to focus on aesthetics and come up with the concept later which is a really bad way to work. Phonar is about narrative within photography so this is the key element i need to focus on, especially because it’s my weak point.

Journey to school – This is the part that confuses me the most, is it a mental journey or a physical journey? I know that the decision is down to my interpretation and my ideas, so maybe I will come back to this section once I have researched how to Tell a story through photographs.


Issue 3 is Due for release in December 2012, for the mean time take a look at the cover & don’t forget to submit your work by 20th october.

Image by Beethy –

Here’s a list of features and comps you can apply too…


“Photography Influenced by Art”

Art has influenced photography since its birth,
and although some people regard them as two
completely different mediums, we don’t. That’s why we
want to see your work that is influenced by art, or that
uses the techniques of a specific art movement.

“Toy Camera”

It is our belief that it doesn’t matter how much money
you have or how much your equipment cost you,
a talented photographer can produce interesting and
thought provoking images with even the cheapest of
cameras. So this is our challenge to you, using your toy
camera produce an image/aseries of images which prove
money can’t buy talent.

For anyone who isn’t sure toy cameras are simple
inexpensive film cameras, such as Holga or Lomo.



We love a good narrative at #PHOTOGRAPHY, for the
issue 3 competition we want you to take a line from your
favourite book and interpret it in an image/short series of
images. Submit your finished image to us along with the
quote it was based on and we’ll choose a winner 20th
October 🙂

Just a thought

I’ve always wondered why I prefer to take cosplay photos rather than cosplay myself. I am an observer, that’s why. I would rather be a spectator, watching someone transform their physical appearance and their personality, than do it myself. Like a bird watcher, i step back and embrace whats happening around me, without disturbing or manipulating the situation My transformation comes from immersing myself in someone else’s story. I am an observer…

I Never use my own images to escape my own reality, I use my subjects story and escape into their fantasy.