COSPLAY: Hakasi does Uta (Tokyo Ghoul)

Lets kick off the new year with one of the best cosplay series I have seen in a long time!

I’m a firm believer that a good cosplay is made better by a good photographer and visa-versa. Both elements in this series are perfect. Hakasi is one of my favourite cosplayers, there is no falseness, rather than being dressed up as someone else Hakasi seems to transform into them as if she’s reached into the book/screen and merged with the character.

I’ve never come across the work of Russian photographer Kiryukha before now but she is definitely one I’ll be watching. Any cosplay photographer that breaks the trend of shooting in hotel lobbies and forests has my respect. A lot of cosplay photographers don’t invest time in researching the character, location scouting and image concepts, they simply let the cosplayers looks carry the images. Kiryukha is one of the few breaking this convention.

Not to mention Uta from Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most bad-ass characters to come out of anime for a long time. I may be slightly obsessed with him.

2015 has started strong. It’ll be hard to find a series as good as this one but we can only hope and keep searching…