Locations: Product Placement in Shibuya

As we have been walking around I’ve been constantly looking out for locations. We have yet to go to Akihabara, a Sakura park or somewhere high up so I have only found possible spots for the product placement image. Here are some interesting vending machines I’ve found in the Shibuya province.





I will have to start focussing on the Sakura images more as the Cherry blossom is only around for a week and its already covering the trees. We are headed to akihabara tomorrow so I will be able to purchase all the film and accessories I need and hopefully a costume too. We saw a beautiful costume in Harajuku which I might go back to buy for this shoot.

Photo and location insperation

I’m feeling disheartened by the lack of City streets in coventry, I cannot test with skyscrapers and an abundance of light because there is none. So I am on a hunt to find some photo¬†inspiration¬†of Tokyo. I already have a tokyo book with check lists for shoot props and images to make, after this I will have a collection of images for reference. Click the image to see the source.

Magical Girl







I feel a bit more at ease that I will be able to find locations and work with more heavy lights than in coventry.