HTML 5 is a new breed of website coding which became an oficial recommendation of W3C in December 2012. Not being too familiar with it’s capabilities and whats improved I decided as a practitioner who wants to utilise the internet to it’s full capabilities I would do some research. FFF (form follows function) is a collection of visual displays which show HTML5’s full capabilities. There are some really beautiful projects here. These are the best ones.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 14.48.32
fff home screen –

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 14.50.58

This is the ‘Hue blending‘ piece, I cannot really explain how great these interactive pieces are, instead you wil have to click the link and try it for yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 14.58.34And by far my favourite is the ‘Universe Panorama‘ piece, again something you have to experience to understand it.

HTML5 seems to bring what we get from apps straight to the computer, It doesn’t seem as if it follows the grid layout of usual HTML it seems more interactive  design and image conscious. Saying this the man behind this site is an expert and it wouldn’t be this easy for everyone. I have an interest in website building and in learning HTML5, I will do some more research and see if I can work out how to utilise it in regards to photography.

existing photographers sites

Joon Brandt

This site is great for where Joon Brandt is career wise. For me I don’t think I have enough strong work to have an all image space. One thing i love about the site is the full screen feature, which I took the screen print in, it lets the content speak without the frames of an explorer. The Navigation is clean, all in one place, and the self scrolling screen is great, especially as it follows the photographers theme of scrolling across not down. It can be hard to control however. It is a clean smart and simple layout which the most basic of web users could navigate their way around comfortably.

Frederick Clement

The first thing i liked about Frederick Clements site is that instead of waiting for images to upload, wondering wether the site is broken, i am given a percentage upload. Next I love the full screen images, this leaves no room for branding, and hyperlinks have to be limited. This is a site you need to visit to feel the interface, the side scroll mixed with down scroll works so well, and using sections of images instead of whole ones teases the viewer to see the whole image. Although i’m not a fan of the colour yellow, i think for his active and sporty photography it really fits.

Alberto Ovideo

Again there is no compromise with image quality, instead the user is given an upload percentage, keeping the viewer engaged for the few extra seconds it take for good quality images, which it is so important for photographers to have. A distinct logo is present which is really important, so simple but so effective. Maybe this is something i should consider, because my name is so long it can take up a lot of space, and is not very catchy. Again another easy navigation system offered at the home page, and image galleries scroll form left to right. The pictures have been thought about, very yellow toned images are offered first, then blue is introduced, ending in the blue toned image. A beautiful way to show images. The navigation at the bottom is great, clean and simple and offers social networking link which is really important to me. And the viewer can add images to their own light box which they can then download. This page is all about the viewer looking at the work and having power and control rather than the photographer imposing their work onto the viewer. This is the key to a successful site. I think I have found My ideal site. I also love the fact they mix their commercial and commissioned work and personal.